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Our goal is simple…We want to do two things for you! First, We actually want to get you trading the markets successfully so you can take your power back and own your own time!!! Second, and this is an IMPORTANT one…We want to save you from falling victim to the establishment! We want to save you from their predatory type business practices that they have…These guys only have their best interests in mind. How do we know that? Just look at the false promises. Listen to the narrative…It’s truly criminal! We want to be part of the solution to what has been a HUGE problem for ages! Our team is here to offer you a health alternative. Something that the public has been asking for. You asked for it and we delivered it…Change is here.

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Why Short Selling Is Important!
“Short selling plays an important role in efficient capital markets, conferring positive benefits by facilitating secondary market trading of securities through improved price discovery and liquidity, while also positively impacting corporate governance and, ultimately, the real economy.”-Internet definition

I know…it’s not what you wanted to hear! If you hate me for supporting the short side of the market, and shorting MORE than I go long, I totally understand. With that said though, if you hate me for shorting, that tells me that you’ve long while the market went against you and you’re holding short sellers responsible. Which is not completely fair!

Being a trader is about locating opportunities to profit from price action movement. It’s that simple. I’m not long or short the market. I’m JUST seeking out opportunities. When I find them, I hit them.
Please correct me if I’m wrong…but you’re in the markets to make money right? If you answered “yes” to that then you really need to be ok with shorting. If you’re an investor it’s important to know how to hedge your long bets by also going short when markets reverse. Just a thought!

In this blog I want to shed some light into the benefits to shorting and why the short side of the market is so important… If you’re part of the camp that hates short sellers and fell that they’re anti-capitalists then I don’t think this blog is for you. If you’re open minded to the importance of shortening then please, by all means, be my guest and keep reading…

It’s important to understand, at its core, how shorting selling works…
here is a textbook definition:

-Short selling involves borrowing a security and selling it on the open market. You then purchase it later at a lower price, pocketing the difference after repaying the initial loan. Short selling occurs when an investor borrows a security and sells it on the open market, planning to buy it back later for less money. Short-sellers bet on, and profit from, a drop in a security's price. This can be contrasted with long investors who want the price to go up.

Now that we have a clear understanding of how the short selling process works it’s important to understand why it’s important. Contrary to the negativity surrounding short selling there are many benefits of short selling. Short selling can drive market liquidity, price stocks more efficiently, mitigate market bubbles, as well as provide a check on upward market manipulations….Market manipulation: Pump and dumps are a fine example of why short selling is necessary…Short sellers of a for of neutrality, market equilibrium if you will. The true job of a short seller is to detect and expose negative news such as poor firm performance that investors have yet to be informed about, or unethical and opportunistic behaviors taken by managers at the cost of investors. Short sellers are like 
detectives of the capital markets.

The next point is something that we’re all going to be able to agree on and that is the profit potential. If you’re a market participant, you’re here to make money. Bull or Bear, you’re here to scratch out a few bucks! Agreed? So, with that being agreed upon, it’s important to key into how much money can be made on the downside and how fast that P/L can rally if you’re in the right short play! If you’re trading options (*Puts*) and you connect with the trend correctly…and quickly, you can realize abnormally large gains… HOWEVER…and this is huge, IF you’re wrong, on the wrong side of the market or get caught in a short squeeze, the losses can really add up. If you’re trading options your risk will never be greater than what you paid for the premium. But if you short a common stock the risk profile changes.

I want to close out with this..I totally realize that you might be a 
“short hater”. If you are, that is totally fair and I completely understand!
 The reason most people dislike short selling is the idea about profiting from someone else's failures. I think we can agree that not all companies deserve to be publicly traded and that there are a ton of situations where stocks need to get realistic about their truth worth. Short sellers get us there! 

About Author: Julian Lewis

My name is Julian and I am the Lead Trader and Owner/Operator of J. Lewis Trading.
I have been trading for close to 10 years and have been a Trading Performance Coach for the last 7 years! Trading is not as difficult as you may think! We’ve been made to believe that only a small group of hyper intelligent mathematicians and rocket scientists can run Wall Street. That idea could NOT be further from the truth.  .
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