Why We Keep It Small!
Written by Julian Lewis-Day Trader
Why We Keep It Small!
For the last 5 years we've been doing a ton of one-on-one coaching. I’ve always liked being a Performance Coach! Our whole business has been built on helping people that haven’t seen success with other Trading Academies. Our community has been a healthy alternative for those looking for a way to get into trading without paying thousands of dollars. One of the biggest challenges that I found out there, and this is why I started J. Lewis Trading, is that the trading educational sector is grossly overpriced. Before I started J. Lewis trading I was working for one of the top producing academies in this space and I realized that people were paying hand over fist for help, but weren't getting it. After working for this specific Academy, which will remain unnamed, I decided that I wanted to start J. Lewis Trading to fix a specific problem. That problem was helping people get educated without spending an insane amount of money to get started 
while offering unparalleled levels of support!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! We did that and continue to do just that!
The reason I am writing this today is because I want to address a general problem that we're seeing within this space. Here is the problem:
 People want to learn how to trade but they don't want to have to spend
thousands of dollars to figure it out. SIMPLE!

 Over the last 5 years I've produced an overwhelming amount of strategic based content. Presently we have over 220 hours, and that’s just the beginning! We have actionable classes that have been put together that have helped hundreds of traders over the last 5 years and continue to afford traders the success that they're looking for. The reason why I'm writing this style blog today is to share with you an extremely cost-effective and affordable way to learn how to trade.

 The one problem that I have with this particular industry is that there's a very predatory way of doing business. What I mean is it costs on average $197 a month to be part of a trading room with over a thousand people in that room. The challenge with being part of a trading community that has thousands of members is that you will never get the support you seek. And if you do get the help that you're looking for it's at a hefty cost to you.

Trading Academies take advantage of the fact that people just like you are struggling to find their way in the markets and pray on how badly you want to achieve success…SO, they charge you hundreds of dollars a month for subscriptions and
thousands of dollars a year in coaching…
This predatory business model is what triggered us to respond with
the All Access Pass Subscription…

Which, by-the-way, is cheaper than a subscription to Netflix.
This is something that I want to personally change. I'm taking aim at the big trading academies that are charging hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month and offer very little by the way of value. The J. Lewis Trading Team's intention is to keep making trading education accessible and affordable.
The point of this blog is to grab the attention of those that have fallen prey to the larger academies that Over Promise and Under Deliver…

As I'm sure that you already know, businesses are starting to help improve situations. They're created to solve problems. The situation that I want to improve, and the problem that I want to solve is to help reduce the financial commitment to get started with your trading education. Joining a community that has a well tested track record of success should not cost you your left arm in tuition payments! 

My goal is to get you into the J. Lewis trading community and to get you educated!
As you know by now we have over 220 hours of educational content that can get you on the road to success! Not only do we have the educational content but we also have ongoing support from both the J. Lewis trading team but the actual community of traders that we've created as well. It's important to know that we actually help our members succeed! … Our sole focus is to get you into a situation where you're experiencing the success that you deserve!
Again, most trading communities are all about getting you in and then upselling you to no end!
That is the predatorial type of business model that I want to break in half…It’s total bull shit. You know that as well as I do! What we're doing is completely unique.. The J. Lewis trading team is looking to provide you with an experience with your success in mind. We don't do upsells once you're a member, you're a member!
You're part of the J. Lewis Trading family! AND THAT'S THAT!
as long as you're committed to the process,
 our team is going to be committed to you.. it's just that simple.

If you're one of the people that have been looking to join a community of successful traders, while learning how to trade correctly, then you've found the right place. There's zero pitch here, I'm not trying to get you into something that you don't need. If you're reading this you're clearly interested and taking advantage of a value packed opportunity that has been built with your success in mind.
There's a link below. I want you to click it to see exactly what we offer..
see for yourself how we differ from the rest of the trading academies out there.

-Julian Lewis
Director of J. Lewis Trading

About Author: Julian Lewis

Trading is not as difficult as you may think! We’ve been made to believe that only a small group of hyper intelligent mathematicians and rocket scientists can run Wall Street. That idea could NOT be further from the truth. The truth is the Retail Trading side has exploded in size! In fact, 9.6 million people around the world are now online traders: that’s 1 in every 781 people. OVER $6 Trillion dollars move around global markets EVERY DAY! Financial Markets have historically been the great producer of wealth. There are INCREDIBLE wealth building opportunities out there that are waiting for you.
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